Writer’s block. Possibly the worst thing to ever happen to a writer. What sucks is that you might have had a great flow writing. Have you ever heard of If/Then or What if plots?

What is it

This is when you take your characters and give them an alternative storyline that is still similar to your story.


In Grey’s Anatomy season 8 episode 13. Meredith dreamed about how her life would be if she had perfect parents. Not only was her life affected, but also her co-workers. The viewers saw them in ways they couldn't imagine.

Idina Menzel starred in Broadway's If/Then. Which was about Idina making two different choices and how it will affect her life and the people around her.

How to do it

  1. Pick one or two of your main characters.

  2. Think about what your character would wish or what they wouldn't wish their life to be.

  3. Have them wake up to their new life.

  4. Either have them aware of their new life and have your character point out the differences. Or have them feel like this is the life they always have been living.

How does this help get over writer’s block?

    For starters, this helps brings creativity. You get to see your characters in a way you probably wanted at first but didn’t end up writing. You’re able to be more open minded as you write. Having a writer’s block can cause you to stop writing. This can get you to get back to writing. So give this a chance. Let’s see if your writer’s block goes away.

*Depending on what you write... Results can vary.

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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