"The best hairdressers never stop learning"


The beauty industry is continually evolving. Every day, somewhere in the world, there is a hairstylist making an advancement. Whether it be new cutting, coloring and styling techniques, or even a viral trend, beauty is never stagnant. In a world so fast paced, how can one keep up? Continued education. As creatives, and entrepreneurs, It is vital that we corner the market. Of course staying trendy is of great significance, but so is staying afloat! Being a part of the beauty industry is a balancing act of talent, skill, education, and the almighty paycheck. Courses and workshops are available at most beauty schools and academies. Additionally, schools specifically designed for advanced education are also quite common. However, generally speaking, both of those options tend to break the bank. Traveling trade shows also offer education. But, most times, these sessions are impersonal and harder to follow. So whats the solution? In-salon education! Being in a salon, means a smaller setting. The more intimate, the better, as it allows for better sight lines. With a smaller class you also increase our chances of getting valuable questions answered. The knowledge that you receive from in-salon courses is priceless.

Many salons, unfortunately, do not offer education to their stylists. Downtown Phoenix's Public Image, however, does! Owners Darryl and Kim Brandt set the stage for one of their sharpest stylists, Nicolas Rodgers, as well as Voltage Hair's Ray Hornback. Together, the dynamic duo led a class of local artists in cutting and styling. The class was appropriately named "Back To The Future," as the two featured techniques from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Both artists are masters with scissors - newbies and seasoned stylists alike, watched in awe. 

Nick, known as @nickispissed on instagram, deviated from his usual tousled, "lived in" cutting and styling techniques. Instead he showcased the pertinence of precision. A blast from the past, Nick featured a 60's mod bob on his model.

Sectioning was of the utmost importance with this haircut. Nick wanted to be sure to create clean, crisp cuts around the perimeter of the haircut. He even went as far as using his trimmers, making sure the model twisted and turned to reveal any stray hairs. Rodgers expressed his true rage for seeing unclean precision cuts.

Nick married the sharp lines from the 60's era with the texture of the 80's. The juxtaposition of the decades made for a futuristic take on some old, outdated styles. 

You can see the movement Nicolas was able to create with strategic channel and deep point cutting. He also added texture with a small amount of "Atticus" by The Cardinal Brand, a new line of styling products from Arizona!

Ray, known as @Ray.Voltage on instagram, worked on two models for the class. Ray's first model was all about the layering. The stylist really wanted to hone in on the bouncy, windswept volume of the 70's. A perfect example of this style is American sex symbol, Farrah Fawcett. Her iconic layers were a viral trend in the 70's, and rightfully so! However, to modernize the look, Hornback wanted to lighten the weight of the layers and give the cut even more movement.

Ray worked on his model's cut in three different sections. To begin, he sectioned out a semicircle from the models apex, and clipped it for later. He then created his guide for the front, allowing for those beautifully feathered, Farrah Fawcett layers. Then Hornback created stationary guides on either side of the head to continue the layers into the back. The clipped section from the top was given long layers and connected with the rest of the haircut. 

To style, Ray really wanted to highlight the model's natural texture. Stating that "with this haircut, I would just let her leave. She doesn't even need to be blow dried." It was true! The newly cut layers allowed the models natural curl to bounce. But for education purposes, the stylist showcased his faux-natural-wave blowdrying technique. Ray was able to get a stunning wave from the hair simply by using his blowdryer on low heat, and pinching the hair in a series of places. 

On his second and final model, Ray Hornback recreated a look from a past photoshoot. The stylist instructed the class on how to create new and interesting texture, reminiscent of the 80's, by using a Paul Mitchell Neuro Styling Wand. He stressed the importance of working smarter, especially in photoshoots - finish the front first!

All models were finished using a combination of Unite Hair Care styling products. Then stylists watched as Nick and Ray geared up, and photographed their work. Both stylists are firm believers in capturing your craft on film. It is helpful in advertising, as well as creating a comprehensive portfolio. 

Models used murals and more as their backdrops in Downtown Phoenix's Roosevelt Row. The salon, Public Image, is conveniently located in the heart of the Roosevelt Row Arts' District, on the first floor of Roosevelt Point. 

It is paramount that hairstylists and clients alike understand the benefits of continued education! As creatives, it is not only important for us to brush up on skills, but to learn new. Complacency in the beauty industry will not only affect your skill set, but also your paycheck. Clients will pay more for a hairstylist with additional knowledge. Invest in your career, invest in yourself!


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*All photos shot and edited by Nicolas Rodgers and Ray Hornback*


Published by Simon Stylez