When I'm not living in Cape Town, I visit Durban (my hometown) to see my family and friends.

I just spent 8 days there and came back with a few gems to write about :)

Out to Lunch (based in Durban) makes such a delightful little breakfast wrap!

They run a stand at Durban's well-known I Heart Market, that supplies vegan goodness, full of fresh ingredients that are packed with nutrients!

The market used to be a firm favourite of mine. It's still got pretty much the same stands and atmosphere, but it's nice to check out every once in a while if you're looking for something unique to buy/gifts for friends or something delicious for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

The actual wrap was made from pineapple and coconut, and filled with sliced fruit, a homemade lemon curd and oat-free granola. 

If you're in South Africa, Durban is a city with so much to offer, make sure you add it to your itinerary!

Check out the Out to Lunch Facebook page if you live in the area or will be passing through Durban anytime soon: www.facebook.com/OutToLunchDBN/

Published by Gabrielle Akal