It’s the only one in the world. Tokyo Disney Sea is only two stops from Tokyo Disney Land on the Disney tram. See how many times I said Disney in one sentence? Disney please sponsor me…

Like I said, there is only one Disney Sea in the world, and it is much like Epcot in Orlando. There is a homely and worldly feel to Disney Sea, that you can’t really find elsewhere. Despite the fact that everything was in Japanese, I had a wonderful time there. The entry is only 7,400¥ for the whole day, which is not too bad, but you get a free fast pass included.

So here’s the breakdown of the park. I won’t go into much detail about the rides, since you’ll probably want to experience that yourself, so don’t let me spoil it for you.  There are five different themed parts of the park. Click to see the entire park map.

The first is Venetian themed. There are no rides here, besides the gondolas, but you can find a lot of delicious restaurants and merchandise shops. This is also where all of the main shows are. If you see a large crowd around the lake, then you know that something is about to happen. As I went in the summer during the 15th anniversary, there was a Minnie summer splash and 15th anniversary Magic Crystals showing. It was a great way to build up to the main event at the end of the day.

The second is the Mysterious Island. Here you will find Journey To the Center of the Earth and 2000 Leagues Under The Sea. It’s pretty easy to find, just look for the volcano that erupts every ten minutes! Every so often, you can hear the screams of little children as they erupt from the side of the volcano in their little excavation cars.

The next theme is Mermaid Lagoon. Can you guess what this part is all about? The colors are absolutely beautiful, and you even get a chance to see some real mermaids in the pond. A lot of the rides here are geared towards children, but you are at Disney, gosh dang it, enjoy yourself. At first, it doesn’t seem like much, but go inside King Triton’s castle and there’s a whole new world.

Speaking of a whole new world, stop by the Arabian coast, and you’ll be in for a special treat. Not only does it look like you’ve instantly been transported to Agribah, but you can also find curry rice and curry flavored popcorn! The only ride worth riding is Jasmine’s Magic Carpet Ride. If you do not want to wait hours and hours to see the Genie show, then this is a great waste of time.

I think that the best part of the park is the American Waterfront. The majority of it is modeled after Cape Cod, but keep walking and you will soon run into the infamous Tower of Terror. The area surrounding the Tower of Terror looks more like New York in the early 1900’s then the current New York. I believe that this is also the largest part of the park. You will have a fun time walking up and down Broadway street. In this area, you can also experience a Broadway show. Of course, it is an original to Disney Sea, so it is all in Japanese, but still exciting and fun. Also in this area, you will also find the Toy Story ride. I’m not too sure what the appeal for that ride is, but for all the times that I have walked by it, there has been at least a three hour queuing time.

The next themed area of the park is the Port Discovery. The only ride that was up and running at the time was Aquaworld…or Aqua something… Basically, it’s the only ride where you can truly get wet. I was prepared with my Donald towel, but because my friends did not have any protective covering, I took one for the team and got soaking wet with them.

The last themed area of the park is based off of something like Mexico in the 1950’s. Here you will find some worthwhile roller coasters with loops, and the Indiana Jones ride, which happens to be my favorite. As you leave the rides, you are sent off with a hearty “adios amigo!”.

Overall, my experience at Disney Sea was pretty pleasant. I spent a good 12 hours just walking around, going on the rides, and eating my way across the park.

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