Recently I had the pleasure of having a day out in York, and I must say it is a city that has so much to offer I could not help but write about my experience.

From the moment we stepped foot off the train we were caught in the in a frantic rush of slightly intoxicated individuals making their way to the races.

However after walking for a few minutes and making our way towards the centre the masses seemed to thin out and we could truly start to appreciate everything York had to offer.

Within five minutes of leaving the station the architecture of the city truly began to shine and I was honestly stuck in a state of awe, the long winding roads , Gothic houses and incredible cafes and pubs scattered in between really were a sight to behold.

Upon getting to the city centre I was instantly taking aback by the pungent smell emanating from the food market that was being held that weekend. The smell of kebabs, hog roasts and burgers filled the air drawing me in like a Siren drawing in a ship.

I could not recommend visiting this market enough, I was lucky enough to be there the weekend the Taster Festival was taking place and I must say with the amount of free samples there was no need to get lunch.

Everywhere you look there is something different to try whether it is chorizo, brownie, ravioli, coffee, hot sauce or dipping oils the variety is immense. It is something that really needs to be experienced because writing about it does not do it the justice it deserves.

Following the market we headed into the main strip of the city, there is a good selection of shops although I would really recommend York as a day out rather then a place for a shopping trip.

While making our way through the streets we stumbled upon Whitewall Galleries which was holding and exhibition for the artist Tim Steward. The art in the window caught our eyes, but in reality the free champagne was the overwhelming factor that drew us in.

Everywhere you looked your eyes were being drawn to these paintings. The aggressive lines and monochromatic colour scheme the artist used really worked perfectly to captured the the essence of the buildings and people he was painting.

I cannot praise the gallery enough, I came for the drink and I stayed for the art. The exhibition was great the art was unique, it was a short and to the point exhibition and the staff were all extremely friendly and passionate which made for a great experience.

After the gallery we explored the side streets which visually are stunning they look so traditional. They make a welcomed change from the typical high street, you feel like you have been transported to Diagon Alley.

Upon exiting the alley we found ourselves at York Minster and I cannot stress enough that if you are in York you have to go even if it is for a quick look at the outside. It really is the epitome of English Gothic architecture that captures you the moment you lay eyes on it.

After we strolled down a few more streets and took another look at the market we headed to the Jorvik centre, unfortunately it is undergoing renovations however when it reopens I cannot wait to have a look around as it is a fond childhood memory.

This gave a brief summary of the day, but do not let this short post fool you York has so much to offer. A second trip is already being planned and I cannot wait to see what we stumble upon next time.


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Published by Anthony Wolny