Well-known as a tiger reserve, Dudhwa National Park is present in the areas of Lakhimpur & Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. The total area of this park is 811 sq km, which is enough for all the wildlife and nature lovers. It is full of grasslands, marshes and dense forests. Tiger and swamp deers are present in the tremendous count. The diversity of fauna is totally supported by the Indo-Gagnetic plains who offer rich and fertile soil.

All the wildlife lovers get attracted to this national park. Unlike others, it is yet uncommercialized but become a recognized habitat for wild creatures. Due to the single efforts of ‘Billy’ Arjan Singh, this park had gained its name. His initiation converted the land into a wildlife sanctuary in 1965. After that, in 1977 Arjan Singh approached Prime Minister of that time, Indira Gandhi to declare this as a national park.

Talking about the wildlife, the park has around 38 species of mammals, 16 species of reptiles and different species of birds. One can easily see rhinoceros, tiger, elephant, sambar, hog deer, cheetal, wild pig, kakar, rhesus, monkey, turtles, python, monitor lizard, mugger, ghariyal and others.

As per the research, there are around 1300 species in Indian subcontinent. Out of them, 450 species are only present in Dudhwa National Park. The bird species involve Red Jungle Fowl, Pea fowl, Indian Pitta, Orioles, Fishing eagle, Bengal Florican and many others. Let’s talk about the flora of Dudhwa National Park. This park in known for some amazing natural forests and grasslands presents in Terai districts of Uttar Pradesh. There are finest ranges of Sal forests that can easily be seen here.

What are the attractions in Dudhwa?

  1. Frog temple

If you are planning to visit here, you must visit the frog temple in Old town that is located 12 kms from Lakhimpur to Sitapur. Unique in its own way, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and build on the back of the large frog. The whole construction is an octagonal lotus shaped.

  1. Surat Bhawan Palace

Successfully build in 1894, this temple is made as per the Indo-Sarasenic style. There are around ten bedrooms, one large dining room and two lounges. The park has an eastern entrance facing reserve.

Know about the safari in Dudhwa

This is the best thing for the wildlife lovers so as to catch the glimpse of some amazing species of animals and birds. Thus, jeep safari has become the best option in visiting the Dudhwa. 

Other attractive things that can be enjoyed in this park

  • Jungle safaris
  • Elephant safari
  • Bird watching
  • Tribal village park
  • Visit to Katerniaghat Wildlife sanctuary

The national park is closely situated in Lucknow- the place of Nawabs. One can easily find the numerous hotels & resorts in Dudhwa national park on their way. Most of them are star rated and offers luxury amenities. You can easily find the best hotels with Wildlife Destination at budget rates. Feel free to contact us and get the best deals.

Published by Lucy Jones