The eerie silence of the night called,

hardly were the shining stars around,

As dark as the  darkness that remain untouched,

was she waiting for a foolish crowd ?

Nature stood quiet in a fiery furore.

Was the worse yet to engulf the merry people,

or did she wait in diminishing patience,

for an unforgivable mistake to occur?

The day breaks and  a distant howl enthralls,

the siren of a misunderstood hope is it?I wonder!

Faint notes of a winning trumpet in the wild resumes,

the hearty sounds of children’s laughter.

Did I miserably yearn for the yesteryear treasure ?

She lay await for a surprise turnaround,

for years until she was left with none the hope!

As we stopped and ignored all that was around.

Here I am gaping at the sunset cries across the sky,

with question in my thoughts as I let myself pry.

To the glimpses of an untold future ,

that  I might secretly desire.


Published by Deepthi Suresh