It is common for house owners to not care about the roofs till they actually start posing problems. However, if we go by the experts’ saying then constantly neglecting the condition of roof leads to property damage and emergency costly repair services. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor roof’s condition and employ maintenance procedure regularly.  

Along with taking proper care of roof installations, it is necessary for the owners to appropriately select the quality of roof as well. Weight, durability, material-make, eco-friendliness, resistance to fire, water and moisture and cost are some of the most important factors that you should consider while investing in roofing materials. Slates, asphalt shingles, metal plates, plastic polymer and concrete tiles are some of the most popular roofing materials available in the market. The article highlights all the detailed aspects of roofing materials to enable you choose the right material for your property.

  • Concrete Tiles: Cost effective than the clay tiles, the concrete tiles are fire resistant and slightly heavier when compared to other materials. If you want your house to look elegant and rustic then these roofs is your pick. You can color either both the sides of roof or only one side. The roofs are long lasting but fragile and can be used on steeped slope roofs.
  • Plastic Polymer: The look of this roofing material resembles wood shakes or slates. Being easily recyclable, the roofing material is high on eco-friendly quotient. Plastic polymers are durable and require low maintenance. Offering good fire and wind resistance the roofing pieces can be easily set on the steeped slope roofs.
  • Slate: Being one of the oldest, it is a perfect roofing material to give your house a vintage look. The appearance of slate is irregular and therefore you might need to seek help from residential roofing services provider to know which piece should be kept in what position to make it apt for your house. The roofing material is fire and wind resistant.
  • Asphalt Composition Singles: Most popular amongst the house owners, the roofing material is made from organic paper fiber mat or fiberglass when impregnated with asphalt or mineral granules. The roofing material is used on fairly low or steeply sloped roofs.
  • Metal: The roofing material offers high durability and is composed of zinc alloy, steel, aluminum or copper. These are often considered as a shading material since these absorb comparatively less heat than other roofing materials. Having high fire and wind resistance property, metal roofs can be set on low or steeply sloped roofs.
  • Wood Shingles and Shakes: Made usually from cedar or redwood, the roofing material has low fire resistance if left untreated. Roofs designed with wood shingles give a natural look to your abode and are a perfect fit on the moderate or steeply sloped roofs. High on nature quotient, the roofing material is prone to damages in adverse weather conditions and hence requires frequent maintenance. You can seek expert consultation on how to retain the natural look of the roof from Because of rich field experience of three decades the roofing contractors inspect every nuance of your valued roofing material and offer maintenance tips.
  • Clay Tile: Highly durable but equally fragile, the roofing materials offer a traditional Italian or Spanish look to your house. Manufactured from natural materials, heavy in weight and can be set easily on the moderate or steeply sloped roofs.

There are various problems such as fire, water, moisture or weather conditions with which the roofing material will be battling constantly. Therefore, remaining careful and consulting professional residential roofing service provider regularly is considered to be a smart move.