Revelation 4: The Throne Room of God

John the Apostle has been banished to the small Roman outpost called the Isle of Patmos because he proclaimed the crucified Christ and his gospel message. Patmos is craggy; sterile; rocky; windswept barren island  filled with caves and mines. Few escaped to tell about it. It was set aside by Emperor Domitian for men such as John. Yet what man has designed for evil God will use for good. In a darkened cave John will share with us a picture of the awesome, marvelous incredible beauty of the throne room in heaven much like other prophets of old had also seen.

Imagine being “in the Spirit” and given a view that no earthly eye has seen but only eyes that have been spirit transformed.  What do you tell others? Isaiah said: “I saw the sovereign master seated on a high, elevated throne. The hem of his robe filled the temple.” Ezekiel said: “Above the platform over their heads was something like a sapphire shaped like a throne. High above on the throne was a form that appeared to be a man.” Daniel said “thrones were set up, and the Ancient of Days took his seat. His attire was white as snow; the hair of his head was like lamb’s wool. His throne was ablaze with fire and its wheels were all aflame.” And now John writes: “a throne was standing in heaven with someone seated on it that gleamed as jasper and carnelian with a rainbow encircling it. Around the throne were those who would worship without ceasing with white gleaming clothes and crowns about their heads.”

 Beloved, are you ready to enter the expanse of heaven and see this too?

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Published by Gaye Austin