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It’s one of those Tuesdays, Internet! Who missed it?

 My cats have not been feeling very model-like lately and would either just sleep/sit on things (which is probably the theme of this post – cats sitting places) or running around and parkouring in the flat in a very speedy manner that my camera would just show as a blur. By the way, that’s why most photos are always of Zeus, because Momo is naturally a very fidgety cat. Anyway, here’s your dose of kittens. And as always, I hope you have a great week.

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First of all, Zeus loves them plants. I got this gorgeous pineapple plant as a gift and instantly fell in love with it, however Zeus has decided it’s a snack and this is how I found it later. If anyone has any ideas how to keep the cat away (Momo doesn’t give a shit, it’s just Zeus) from the plants I am all ears! We have tried vinegar, citrus peel etc but he just starts playing with it more.


_DSC0197 - Copy


_DSC0637 - Copy

_DSC0633 - Copy


What are you doing, Zeus?

If you ever wondered why I can’t get stuff done in time, it’s because this dipshit is too cute.


I mean, could you focus?

_DSC0623 - Copy_DSC0627 - Copy_DSC0671 - Copy_DSC0669 - Copy_DSC0674

_DSC0629 - Copy_DSC0630 - Copy_DSC0681_DSC0683_DSC0692

He was just rolling about non-stop, I can’t take a proper photo of this one. Should I just give up and start a Momo-Zeus YouTube Channel?

They also really like to investigate and ‘correct’ my flatlays, so here’s Zeus yesterday ruining my shot (+ a clue on my next post! Who’s excited? I am!)

_DSC0635 - Copy

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