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"I had a dream of getting kicked my butt off from my job", he said prosaically.

She mocked saying "You better keep that butt ready then".

Both chuckled.

"I hardly like this job. All it provides me is - bundles of papers, numbers of payrolls, and astronomical list of customers who are barely interested in even acknowledging my greetings to them. In simple and precise words, with all my long day here, I'm being rewarded with lot and a lot of headache. Well, yeah that's how I see it.

I wanted to be in Finance.
Finance was my department, where I thought I belonged to. Not this job of collecting data.
I used to dream, had a persona of myself which this job crumpled under its papers and lists.
I wasn't meant to be here. There's a different world out there for me."

"Sir, with all due respect, I want to resign from this job", he said to his boss after two months of that dream.
"Before you kick my butt off, I would like to keep my butt aside in order to keep it unhurt" he added.

Boss perplexed at his disorderliness accepted his resignation, "Strange things you are saying".

He researched for his finance job -> He applied for several interviews -> Got shortlisted for many-> Failed some -> Succeeded few -> Resigned the headache.

Pursue your heart's dream, and follow your brain's plan.

  • Dreaming is one thing. Consciously or subconsciously every living being (including animals) dreams.
  • Working for that dream is one other thing.
  • And living for that dream is another one.

If you have got guts to pursue you dream, get ten levels higher amount of guts to protect it.
If you are a creator of your dream, then you owe the fulfillment to that dream of yours.
You are its mother, you need to nurture it and convert that new-born dream into a mature, full-fledged living reality.

If you have got a dream of your life, prove it. Prove that yes, this is why you came into existence. This is what you are breathing for.

If you ever face a diversion, choose the one which you want to follow, not what others want you to follow.


Missed one thing though - This process is going to be way more tougher than you thought it would be.

But remember this mantra,
When going gets tough, you got to get tougher, as at the end it will all be worth it.
Quitting has never been an option

Published by Aditi Sharma