I had come across this picture on Facebook a couple of days ago. This made me think and realize that the former American actor’s wordings seem so true.

I hate to admit the fact that luck plays a vital role in everyone’s life to the extent that it demeans someones hard work. Each one of us would have at least come across one situation in life where we had to surrender to luck.How much ever positive we try to be in life, which irrefutably is obligatory,  we need to accept the reality and take it up as challenge to defeat the failures. Sometimes we put in all the efforts, but all goes in vain.Never give up.

Nonetheless, luck cant always empower ones’ hard work and struggles.True talent will always be recognized and appreciated.

Luck works for those people who work hard to live their dreams. Hence, don’t let it manipulate you, instead stump back!

Published by Vinitha S