There’s ten days left before Christmas, here are a few gift ideas for book lovers.

We start with a bit of an odd review from Swoony Boys Podcast.  Dead Girls Society is the latest book from Michelle Krys, about a mysterious group challenging people to complete dares for money.  For some reason Krys’ witchy Hexed book just didn’t connect with me, though others absolutely love them, so I gave this one a pass when it came out.  It’s hard to say if the reviewer wishes she’d done the same.  She praises the concept, protagonist and setting, but was less impressed with the ending, though she remains vague about the exact problem.

The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog presented five book options for fans of the hit Westworld TV show.  The first book on the list, Caravel by Stephanie Garber, actually isn’t available yet.  Coming out in January, it’s on my most anticipated list for that month, if not all of 2017.  The other books include Marissa Meyer’s sci-fi fairytale series Cinder, as well as Girl Parts by John Cusick, the story of a disaffected teen whose parents buy him a Companion Bot.  Michelle Modesto’s Revenge and the Wild takes place in a futuristic wild west, while Full Tilt from Neal Schusterman follows two bothers to a haunted amusement park.

Let’s move on to another interesting post from the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog, a selection of graphic novels that will inspire deep feelings from all who read them.  The list includes spooky selections Through the Woods and Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein, as well as the memoir Persepolis, the story of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution.

The blog also attempted to match readers with books based on their favourite Harry Potter character.  Somewhat disappointingly, Luna Lovegood was only paired with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, arguing the Luna is just too unique to be matched with any other character out there.  The two comments on the post each offer up a suggestion for Luna; Stargirl from Jerry Spinelli and Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire.

Finally, there has been a fair amount of attention lately devoted to Romina Russell’s Zodiac series, with the third book in the quartet hitting shelves earlier this month.  The Penguin Teen YouTube channel just posted Russell’s thirty-second pitch of the series.  The Penguin Teen blog, meanwhile, has posted a series of articles to whet people appetites for the books.  We have some little-known facts about each of the Zodiac houses, as well as a list of the specialized weapons of each house.   There is also a quick explanation of how the people of each house would look, and how they would speak.  There is also a quiz designed to match you with the house you should belong to in this world.  Born on December 21, I’m a Sagittarius, though one day later would make me a Capricorn.  The quiz said I should actually be a Leo, though I’m more than a little baffled about how they determined I was a “magnetic megastar” when I said my favourite vacation was a staycation and my ideal date would be a bookstore!

Published by Andrew Clendening