There is no doubting that the act of piercing is one of the oldest forms of artistic modification, which involves piercing a hole into certain parts of the body to insert and hang certain styles of jewelry. While some might not be interested in experiencing a bit of pain in order to get a piercing, others are drawn to the allure of body piercing in general. Perhaps one of the most popular methods is having your belly button pierced.

If you are interested in having a belly button piercing, it would not be recommended to go through with the process without understanding what you are getting yourself into. After all, it is not just piercing and placing jewelry - there are plenty of things to consider. Here are just a few pointers before getting your belly button pierced.

Do not go through with the piercing if the shop uses piercing guns

One of the first things to consider before getting your belly button pierced would be the choice of piercer - and those who make use of piercing guns are more likely to complicate matters. While it is a common practice, it is also known that reusable piercing guns have the capability to transmit specific bodily fluids from a previous client. That said, it would be a good idea to look a shop up to check the user reviews of those who have had their piercings there. If positive reviews are abundant, it is a good sign that things will go well.

Keep in mind that aftercare is no joke

There have been plenty of instances of people going back to the piercing to have their belly buttons redone as the piercing ended up closing during the healing process. It is the main reason why it is vital that you replace any jewelry that you remove from your piercing with a retainer to ensure that the wound does not close. It would be a shame to be in the final months of the healing process, only to have it close since you forgot to put in a retainer after removing your Belly Button Rings.

The healing process can take a very long time

Some people do not realise just how long it takes for a belly button piercing to heal up. While some areas of the body heal faster than others, the belly button is not one of them. In fact, it is typical for a belly button piercing to take the better half of a year - even reaching nine or ten months - to heal entirely. During the process, if you make a mistake and keep the retainer off for too long, it could end up closing.

While getting a belly button ring is undoubtedly an attractive prospect, it is critical to note the piercing process, as well as the amount of time it takes to heal.  It is required that you stay on top of the healing process as much as possible, to avoid any complications.


Published by Mohsin Ahsan