Wherein I don’t spoil the comic, because you should really read it for yourself!

Okay, so I’ve seen the first two episodes, and I have mixed feelings.  My two fav characters so far would be Nico and Gert, with Karolina being my least favourite (more on that later).

I am concerned about some of the changes from the source material.  For one, all the cult stuff was not from the comic, and in fact seems like publicity that the parents should want to avoid, unless the show is planning some very big changes to the overall storyline.  Also, Nico having a sister and Molly’s parents being dead are, let’s just say, not insignificant changes, that could also have major ramifications on the overall story arc going forward.  And right now I see no reason why the show should feel the need to make these changes.

Now, as I said, Gert is one of my favourites, though the show made a strange choice with her character in making her parents seemingly nice people who have a good relationship with her.  In the comics, she is the only one of the group who recognizes that her parents are not good people, and her whole SJW persona is in part a way to stick it to them.  Heck, even abused Chase thinks his parents are “practically saints”.  Gert had no idea how evil her parents really were, but she knew that she didn’t want to be at all like them.  Removing that dynamic  takes away a key part of her character.

Finally, as I said, I didn’t really like Karolina, though that is mainly due to one moment.  When she, Gert, Alex and Chase are all talking in class, Gert makes a snide but (I thought) relatively tame comment about Karolina’s family cult, and Karolina gets really personal in her response.  Maybe I’m underselling how personal Gert’s comment would be to Karolina, but my reaction was that Gert had attacked Karolina’s cause, so Karolina should attack one of Gert’s causes, not just pretty much say “You’re a miserable loser and I’m superior to you in every way”.  Again, I may not be recognizing how much Gert’s snark about the religion would get to Karolina, but I felt like we were seeing Karolina’s I love everyone and everything mask slip away, and seeing the true holier than thou mean girl underneath.

Published by Andrew Clendening