Who doesn't like sophistication and elegance? Imagine your bathroom is one of the most elegant places in your home such that people would talk about it and you would feel proud of that? However, to make your bathroom look expensive, you do not have to actually spend too much on it. In fact, you can get luxury bathroom furniture at the market affordable price.

1. The glam gorgeous lighting: Changing the lighting in the bathroom is one of the easiest ways to make it look expensive. Go for something stylish like a chandelier or high-end showpiece instead of typically used bathroom light above the mirror. Put all your creativity and searching skills to use and think outside of the box. You can also go for sconces and pendant lights as well. You can also pair your new lighting with vanity mirrors and new hardware a perfect bathroom makeover.

2. White is elegance: When nothing works out in the bathroom, go for white. The white cabinets and sinks are the symbol of elegance. Make the combination of light neutral paint color and white bath linens to get the high-end bathroom style. A casual bathroom can look more expensive if you pair your white linens with neutral accessories and white quality rugs and towels. 

3. Gray: The gray is one of the trendiest colors and it's a go-to with bathroom and kitchen. The gray color goes with every color and if paired with light yellow, looks elegant. The warm gray can keep the bathroom from looking cold and is a perfect choice to complement a wood vanity or trim in the space with brushed silver fixtures. You can use various types of lighting and accessories to complete high-end gray bathroom look. 

4. Outdoors inside: The most expensive bathroom designs definitely include bringing outdoors inside it. For the good bathroom makeover, look for the ways to bring outdoors inside with new window frame treatment and lots of natural lighting. The plants and artwork depicting plants are not just great ways to recreate an outdoor space but can have it has Feng Shui effect on the space as well. 

5. Painted furniture: Sometimes to create a good bathroom space and to make it look expensive, you need to have antique and painted furniture. Just painting the furniture can work wonders too. If you are handy then you can try the DIY tutorials and if you are not, then you can definitely contact the professional experts to create the vanity. 

6. Unexpected pop color: Sometimes contrast looks really beautiful and give the results that are unexpected. You can always try unexpected pop-color such as if you have everything in white, you can make the rim or borders of furniture of Blue or Green. This will make it look classy and stylish as well. 

7. Remodeling needs tiles: The remodeling requires tiles because they are the symbol of designer bathrooms. Not only the tile flooring but tiles around the sink and tub makes the bathroom look expensive and worked hard upon. It can be a timeless update. The secret to choosing bathroom tile is to choose neutral colors and simple designs. 

Conclusion: Thus, spending too much on making something look expensive is not a wise thing. The Utopiagroup.com will assist you with the changes you decide to make to your bathrooms such as lighting or freestanding bathroom furniture. They have years of experience with designing elegant and sophisticated bathrooms at the most affordable price in the market you could ever think of.