I am about to attend my third outside lands music festival in SF. For those of you who aren’t familiar with outside lands it is a music festival located in the beautiful and spacious Golden Gate Park the celebrates not only musicians but comedians, winos, beer enthusiasts, chocolate enthusiasts, and artists. Seriously a whole mixing pot of all of my favorite things….

It is a three day festival that requires a lot of things but here are a few things in particular that I could never forget to bring to a festival concert…

  1. WATER: I do not care what you have in your cup(s) so long as there is some hydration involved. No matter if the festival you are attending is in a dark forest in the middle of the woods or in the middle of the ocean or on a satellite in space. WAY to many people fall victim to dehydration during festivals. So while your dancing in the sun with your friends its best to sip on some wa than to pass out and miss out on all the fun anyway.
  2. SHOE INSERTS: maybe this is a luxury but when your dancing and walking for multiple days ALL day a little “cush” never hurt anyway…. especially if you’re wanting to look “festival chic”… those platform boots and strappy sandals are going to need a little more support hon… unless you are the type that goes to festivals just to go (;
  3. DEODORANT: …enough said.
  4. SNACKS: once after an RL Grimes set I felt like I could move no longer sing no louder and party no longer it was SO FUN and SOOOOO draining. Me and my pal posted up on a hill and ate a granola bar… instantly revived. WHAT A COMEBACK. Here’s a snapshot of the exact time of my glorious resurrection 11728955_10203166768848478_4702940303442805262_o
  5. WETONES/BABYWIPES: festivals get gross. you try a bunch of saucy-mess foods. sweat a bunch. use porta potties. dance with people you don’t know. these wipes come in handy regardless of what you need them for.
  6. PAINKILLERS: your body will ache just after the first day…you are welcome in advance.
  7. CARABINERS: I’ve had my backpack spill out all of my important belongings during a kendrick lamar set. nerve wrecking? yes. after that I used carabiners to secure all my important shit together and never had to worry again. I also used one to keep my water bottle close at hand… very useful.
  8. SUNSCREEN/TONING SPRAY: Sunscreen is a must to keep your skin protected throughout your fun. there will be some times that you may find yourself waiting for a set to begin and it feels like you’re being zeroed in on by the sun like an ant and a magnifying glass. Another thing that saved me was a my LUSH toning spray that I have mentioned in a previous blogpost. This spray will not only help to set your makeup but it really just gives you an extra boost or refreshment.
  9. PORTABLE CHARGER: you will lose your friends and have to keep in contact like moms & daughters. best to have a working device in times of need.

Thats all I’ve got so far… Let me know of any other helpful tips or tricks as well as any festivals that you have attended!

This summer I’ll be going to Outside Lands in San Fransisco and Day n’ Night in orange county and I can’t wait to post about ’em

have fun & stay safe



Published by Marisa Costales