I have fallen off the proverbial wagon..... again, I need a jolt back into a healthy lifestyle and fitness plan that works for me.  I need it to be simple, fun, and come with a few cheerleaders, because - well, we all need cheerleaders in our lives from time to time.  
Enter the the Fit Girls Guide's (www.fitgirls.com) - Now I have to say, the last few times I've tried to use these e-books I haven't had the best of luck and I got frustrated, to no fault of the books or the plans,  and the support you get from social media is really nice. - my problem actually stemmed from my own internal imbalance and not producing the right hormones to  lose weight.  I am in a better place at the moment and I feel it might be the right time to get back into the habit of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.
With that in mind I thought I would take you on my journey with me.  For the next few months I will go through the current fitgirl e-books and document my journey.  Starting with the Fitgirl Dextox, then the 28 day Jumpstart challenge, The fitkini challenge, then rounding off with the boot camp. Feel free to join me on the challenge and comment below if you do!  Day 1 will be tomorrow 7/12!
What this book provides is a daily eating program to ease you into healthy eating, they ply you with really good recipes (from what I've read and tried so far), keep you full by feeding you 6 times a day, still allow for chocolate, and they are not making anyone drink their meals for a week while going crazy.  Heck I'm even having beef twice this week, (again in the recipes)  how cool is that - unless you're not into meat, I'm sorry.  All of this and it still allows for coffee (not that I give it up ever) with a little milk.  I do have to say that's my one "cheat" for the week, I will always keep my coffee, with my milk and a little bit of sugar. And all of this is packaged in typical Fit Girl fashion that promotes a healthy and positive outlook on life, your body and exercise.
Here's the rundown on my updates, each Monday I will give you a quick synopsis of the previous weeks recipes, how I felt and if there was any challenges to the plan so far.  At the end of each book, I'll give you a quick review, and at the end of the series we'll decide if it was worth it, what was awesome and what needs a little work. 
If your interested in any of my previous posts check out my site www.fallingwithstyle.co for my favorite Searching for fit girls - today I have my favorite smoothie recipe posted.
One thing I do want to note, when talking about recipes I will not post any that I haven't made up myself, or tweaked dramatically enough to not infringe on the original (not likely) If that's what you were looking for on this post or in this series .... Sorry.
And with that, away we go!

Published by Sarah Kirkland