I was sixteen when I met my soulmate.

It’s incredibly rare, and many skeptics will judge (everybody is entitled to their opinions, it’s ok) but today, at 28, I know that’s what it was.

We were just two crazy kids, and we knew nothing about life yet. But it was there, that spark, that magnetic feeling (or you know, hormones, same difference.) It was all bonfires and stolen looks, and it didn’t take long before we were talking up a storm. He was such a cutie, with his surfer shorts long hair and crystal clear blue eyes. He walked my best friend and I home that night, I remember it was so far out of his way but he didn’t mind. He was so gallant, my heart was stolen by this boy, only a few short moments after we met.

We were inseparable from the get-go, you know, the whole “summer lovin’ and havin’ a blast.”  He got me so completely, it was unbelievable. He was so certain of his love for me, it was refreshing in a way but extremely unnerving in another. I don’t think I knew myself enough then to recognize what he felt and it was all too intense for my sixteen year old heart. So it was about six months later that I had to end it. It was the hardest thing to do, but it had to be done, I couldn’t handle it all back then. So as high-school was ending for us in Québec I saw a way to evade it all by moving away with some family.

I was packed and ready to go before I knew it, and I left for a year of schooling abroad (Ontario -_-) and tried to find myself, as deeply as you can when you’re 17.

We lost touch for that year, year and a half. I saw him again through some friends and I didn’t recognize the boy I had met at that bonfire, it was as if we were strangers. I couldn’t truly understand it then, but I carried on with my life for a while after that, just coasting along those teenager years where you figure out how awesome freedom is before all the responsibilities come along.

I once read a quote that said ”Life is a collection of moments”, and I know it may sound cheesy, but thinking back on my life today I can say that, the moment we found each other again is high up there on my shelve of collectible moments.

I didn’t know who to call one night when I was out, I just felt completely out of place and couldn’t find where to fit that night. We hadn’t really talked in a while, but I still had his phone number so I texted him where I was, asking if he’d show up.

He did.

I still remember the butterflies when I saw him (oh yeah baby, they’re the real deal) and in that single moment I knew, I swear my heart knew then, that he was it.

& and I was right. He’s my forever love.

There have obviously been mountains of moments, highs and lows, tears and heartbreaks since that single moment, but there was also a first apartment, a first house, a first baby, a wedding and a second baby moments that we’ve collected along the way.

Yup, I married that boy I met that night at the bonfire. He turned into a hell of a man, a reliable partner and the best father to our children. Oh, and my best friend.

We’re part of the lucky ones, and the best part is that we know it therefore we work at it, every day.

So if anything can be learnt from us, it’s to not give up as soon as the going gets rough, stick it out! None of us are perfect, just figure out a way to perfectly fit together. 

This one, he’s magic for my heart.

(okaay, that’s enough clichés for one night!)

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Published by Vanessa Lagacé