When I think of Plaid, I usually imagine Bogan work shirts.  Or shirts worn on a farm with ginham tablecloths..........yukk!!

Those of you who know me know I ain't no country girl!

Check out these outfits I've put together and you'll soon see Plaid doesn't always mean country.

As you can see, this is more a mix of city chic and rock chic..........my style of choice!!  Wearing plaid in a skater skirt really mixes things up as long as you put it with a form fitting top, add a quirky heel and you have a style that is super easy to rock day or night.

Ok here's one similar to above but reversed......it's fresh and modern, I find a plaid shirt makes an outfit more casual.  The skater skirt stops it looking like "farmhand goes out to dinner".  Add some interesting shoes and this outfit is perfect for day.

This outfit is a winner, the bare shoulders give it that edge, team it with converse, and you'd be right on trend at college or in the city. 


Till next blog...

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe