I have been using Computers, Laptops and other gadgetry since 1993. My usage of computer was limited for work and for some browsing purposes. I was never a computer gaming buff. Not that i don’t like the computer games, i remember having played Wolf 3D game for longer hours in my earlier years of computing.

My kid introduced me to this game, a driving simulation game called Euro Truck Simulator 2. A virtual prototype of truck one has to drive and complete missions and earn Euros. Initially, i played  it casually without much interest, but as level went on increasing the revenues of my virtual company grew.

Now, i ran a virtual transport company, I owed fleets of trucks and those trucks would earn me more revenue. I was a millionaire. Virtually that is. This game became very immersive for me and i found at least half an hour to complete at least one small mission. Travelling and roaming has always being my weak link, may be this game satiated that craving of mine. I have played this game in the odd hours of night after completing the work. And, believe it or not i feel relaxed after playing the game.

So, here i was a millionaire, minting Euros daily and would compete with my kid who taught me the game. I took pride in the fact that i had best trucks of Scania and other companies in my fleet. I had millions in my bank balance. Many of my readers might have concluded that I am a stupid. I say, we all are.

Back to my virtual empire, I returned home the other day, only to find that my laptop had crashed and it’s data was beyond recovery. No symptoms, no early warning. It died almost suddenly. Not that i had much data to lose, as i usually back up my work online. Suddenly, i grew cold though, i remembered, my game, its game data would have also lost and i did not bother to back it up. I switched on my new laptop which i had purchased just few days before and installed the same game again. Only to find that the entire progress i had made, the entire revenues, the levels, the fleet of truck, all was lost. I was again a “newbie”. From hero to zero in a dash.

While returning home today i was all alone with myself n that crowded Mumbai train pondered over the game and compared with the lives of ours. We too build big houses, we build properties, we build clout and big ego around us. Only to leave it abruptly one fine day. One has to again login to new device i.e. the new body to begin it all over again.

We must not make the mistake that i did in my online game, i did not back the game, to reap the rewards in my other laptop. Atleast, in our lives, let’s back up with good deeds so that we will not be caught off guarded and have to begin all over again.

Signing off for today.

Published by vijay joshi