The Darjeeling black tea is grown on the Himalayas’ slopes, Darjeeling black tea is one of the most preferred drinks in the world. It is recognized for its rich flavor, twisted downy shoots, and many health advantages; the tea leaves vary from green chestnut to dark chestnut-brown.

Cultivated High Up In The Himalayas:

The plots producing this exclusive tea are situated at an altitude of four hundred to two thousand meters. Plenty of rainfall and rich loamy soil are just the perfect conditions for the growth of Darjeeling black tea. It is not completely oxidized, unlike some other black teas and is similar to more of the oolong tea.

Flushes Of Darjeeling Black Tea:

This black tea is produced around five times in one year. Every harvest is recognized as a flush with diverse characteristics affecting the tea's color and flavor.

  • First Flush:

The first one comes to pass between Feb and April and mostly be made of young shoots that in color stay green to brown. The first one is far less corroded than the other ones.

  • In-Between flush:

It is a quite uncommon crop that takes place at the start of May and merges the lushness of the first flush and the roundedness of the second one.

  • Second Flush:

The second one comes to pass between the middle of the month May to June, just before the influx of the wet season. The tea leaves cultivated in this one are a dark brunette with a strong taste.

  • Third Flush: 

This one takes place between July and September and is done under heavy precipitations. The leaves produce quicker and are less emaciated as contrasted to the other flushes.

  • Fourth Flush:

It is carried out just after the wet season, from October to the middle November. It is the final crop before tea plants sign on hibernation.

Health Advantages:

This tea is very rich in antioxidants. The Darjeeling black tea presents a lot and a lot of health advantages. A few of them are as follows:

  • Decrease Indigestion And Heartburn:

High caffeine substance in the tea increases your metabolism system and assist in decreasing indigestion and heartburn. It also keeps you hydrated and progresses bowel actions.

  • Help In Reducing Weight:

It assists one to lose some weight by breaking down fare more rapidly and disposing of the surplus fats.

  • Strengthens Your Heart:

The antioxidants make the heart stronger by lowering the  LDL cholesterol levels that might direct to the arrangement of plaque in the blood vessels.

  • Lowers Peril Of Cancer:

The tea increases your immune system and builds your body's defense against different illnesses like cancer.

With so much to present, no wonder Darjeeling black tea is appreciated by the tea lovers all across the world. So whenever you want to lose some extra weight, you can have Darjeeling black tea and then can note the significant weight loss. Good luck and have great, great day!


Published by Kimberly Smith