Okay, let’s try to be honest! Everyone probably knows I am not into make-up. Actually, in my mind, I prefer to buy CDs or books instead of buying make-up. I do not care what people say, but I do prefer these two lovely things.

Not intended to be arrogant, but I am not a follower of illegal download. In my opinion, it is very rough. I always imagined it was like we had a cake business. We provide examples for people to try the cake, but people come just to take the example, instead of buying your cake.

For your information, in 2013 the value of losses due to piracy of recorded music in Indonesia reached 4 trillion rupiah per year. This calculation is not surprising because pirated music industry has mastered the 95.7 percent of the market since 2007, according to the Recording Industry Association of Indonesia.

Yeah, it hurts!

Anyway, I apologize in advance for my friends who like to download songs for free. But I only want you to know that it was a nasty thing. Just purchase officially on iTunes or you can use some apps, such as JOOX, Guvera, and others.

Back to my story. Personally, I choose to buy the physical CD, and then move them to my computer or mobile phone. If I just like few songs on the album, I buy it on iTunes or just streaming it on YouTube.

What I want to discuss today is the presence of a CD shop in Indonesia. They are now increasingly rare. Gosh! I remember it was the 20016's New Year and I was really sad because Disc Tarra was going broke.

Fortunately, there is Musik+ who survives! And I hope they will!

One of the outlets I often visit is Musik+ Sarinah. I love the ambience because the shopkeeper treat me nicely, seems like they working with passion of music!

They arranges CD, DVD, VCD, Cassette, and vinyl alphabetically. They also sell some merchandise like Rolling Stone Magazine, concert tickets, and headphone.

The atmosphere becomes more interesting because there is some poster of world musician. It feels like you are a truly music person!

Actually I can't predict whether this kind of CD shops will survive in Indonesia or not. But I think, CD enthusiast will not run out. So, please... I wish there will no CD Shop were closed again.



Published by Toshiko Potoboda