The word “love’ has a deeper meaning than what is understood by a normal person. It defines integrity and passion for someone or something you love. Love does not only exist for a human it can be for anything in this world’ some love to read, some love to play, some love pets while some love cars and bikes and so on. It is a form of attachment that you feel with the things or person you love. Sometimes the feeling of being in love is eternal while sometimes it can turn into deeper sorrow and agony. The pain of losing something or someone you love is irreplaceable.

Understanding love in its true form:

In a way, we all love everything around us, but the affection for certain things are more and that is precisely considered to be a zone of our interest, which is defined as love. Love sees no boundaries, neither excuses fading away or dying. It can be relished and cherished every moment even if you are far away from your loved ones. People mainly connect love between couples but it has become an old age conception, we can love our friends, our parents, our children, our spouses and any other important person who exists in our lives.

The important part is that what you feel for each other and how much can you sustain that in the long run. There are relationships which exist where two people lack being in love whereas there are people who aren’t together but they love each other very deeply. The feeling of being in love, more so in a healthy relationship can literally help you get away with many difficulties of life and let you experience a beautiful journey of life.

There are many benefits of being in the right ‘love’ relationship and we are going to discuss a few of them here.

Ø  He or she can lift up your mood - in our stressful lives we often go through hard times and we don’t get anyone to talk to. That leads to seer depression and sometimes people give up on themselves. An understanding partner can always lift up your mood as he or she knows exactly what turns you on.

Ø  You can discuss your problems and share your sorrows with your partner- nowadays people may somehow listen to your problems but there are few who really care. A loving and caring partner would always listen to your grief and problems and would try impeccably to solve them however possible.

Ø  You can always find confinement on the ‘right’ partner when your previous relationships failed- there are many people, who trespass through violent and abusive relationships before finding the ‘right’ person. Though the personal injury attorneys may handle the legal matters in these cases of abuse, a person needs someone to confide into; one who will understand their sorrows and make them feel better with care and love.

Ø  A good sex life can uplift your mood and keep you happy- when your sex life with your partner is good, it can genuinely keep you a notch higher in terms of happens as compared to those who have a rough sex life. People with great physical communication find solace in each other’s arms more than the world they live in.

Ø  You can explore several possibilities of the life together- there are sometimes that we face in our lives when moving ahead and exploring possibilities of our life becomes tougher. The routine and balanced lives are what we choose for ourselves when we don’t get the ‘push’. So a caring partner can always help you explore various possibilities of life hand-in-hand.

Ø  You have someone to take care when the world seems like going against you- tough times come in everybody’s life but when you have the right people in your lives, the road seems easier to cross. In difficult times, your partner can take care of you in a way that nobody does and that is sometimes enough to face a drastic situation.


It would be mean to say that you love anyone for your benefits; it can never be called love if you search for benefit in that person. Indeed there are people, who exist in this world that the advantages of people’s love towards them but at the end, they get back what they give. Love cannot be related to benefits directly but being in love has its own perks which are considered to be very beneficial for people who are in such kind of love relationships.

We have heard many love stories from times when there was hardly any mode of communication between two people or a chance to explore various options together as compared to what we have now. This is a reason why some relationship turns sour these days; easier access to each other and non-compromising nature. But a true love doesn’t see any barrier; it opens its arms to its takers and privileges them under its shade. There can be many reasons to give up on someone you love but there is simply one reason to hold on and that’s ‘love’ itself.  

Published by Addie Davison