Kingston has a plethora of music events happening throughout the week and weekends, especially during the spring and summer months. There are so many, in fact, that it would be difficult to go to them all! I am, however, dedicated to shining the spotlight on one of the smaller, local music events, the "Evening Music" bi-weekly series of performances, held at The Dessert Indulgence in Downtown Kingston.

Organized by local writer and multitasker extraordinaire Bruce Kauffman, the musical performance series allows musicians of varying skill levels to perform in an intimate setting while audience members treat themselves to some of the amazing delectables the Dessert Indulgence offers. The performance series originates as far back as five years ago, and after ending briefly after a four-year run, Bruce has brought the series back to life with a unique line-up of performers.

Dessert Indulgence owner, Saima, and her staff have generously donated the space for these musical performances. The desserts are delicious, the service is friendly and relaxed, and combined with the talented musicians, this is an event that should not be missed. The space is small and cozy, and allows for an engaging experience of live music. It is the perfect spot for a date night or post-dinner dessert and music concert all in one. From teas to cheesecakes, The Dessert Indulgence is guaranteed to feature something you love.

The June 10th edition featured Napanee musician Robyn Sweet, who has been singing since the age of four and has been performing in gigs since December 2012. She shared her powerful yet soothing voice with the audience across a multitude of genres, with cover songs ranging from those by Bob Dylan to Britney Spears. There was something for everyone, and Robyn made sure to keep things fresh and interesting throughout the performance. And she utilized audience participation to her advantage - bonus. All the makings of a great performer.

The bi-weekly music series runs from 7-8pm, granting musicians a full hour of performance time. Donations are always welcome and go straight to the artists. Due to Bruce's outstanding connections in Kingston and surrounding areas, he has had no trouble in seeking out interested individuals to donate their time and talent.

The organization of this series is also beneficial on a local scale, as it brings an interested audience and patronage to a local establishment to witness local talent. It's a win/win on a scale that is perhaps larger than one might initially imagine. For that reason, I feel that events like these are essential to the community, especially amongst the better-known and larger events the city offers. The artists are given a means to perform in a venue that is welcoming and the furthest thing from intimidating, and all the while their talent is nurtured and reciprocated with appreciation. No pressure. Only enjoyment!

And desserts. So. Many. Desserts.

If you haven't checked out this series of performances yet, you should! They typically occur every other Friday (unless otherwise scheduled), and there will always be scrumptious desserts to welcome you into the musical atmosphere. The next event will be on Saturday, June 25th, and will run from 7:30-8:30pm due to it being summertime (and thus, longer daylight hours!).

You can find Robyn Sweet on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. She is truly a tremendous talent and I encourage everyone to watch her perform in the near future.


Published by Ashley Newton