He has been there already: that gumboots. Ideal for practical use was directly reflected by his close stitch to keep out water or dust, but the vamp was still liberally spattered with mud. With a cracked rubber toe-cap and a worn-out hip extending to the ankle, at least this pair of black boots were not for the decent, which stressed when a stench lunged from a hole down to the welt.

           Later those boots were neatly settled in a shoe box along with the summer breeze. Indeed, the unpleasant smell was covered by the perfume from another pair of high heels side by side. This pair embodied all the gorgeous aspects: the twinkling jewelry hanging around pitch, almost as glam as a symphony. Having been infected by such elegance, the gumboots wiped up upper dust awkwardly.

            When the monsoon took away the heat, announcing an invigorating autumn, a tiny pair of sandals squeezed in the shoe box, tipping the black scale and filling it with Mickey Mouse and sweet smile right between him and her. Gumboots were even grimier, not yet the heels.

             However, storm season pressed unexpectedly with tumbling thunder. The boots no longer sit beside the heels, given away to a pair of brand- new leather shoes. The new dominator was only simply polished, but his features pairs perfectly with the magnificent heels. Certainly, no enough space was left in the cabinet; gumboots were taken out, not yet the sandals.

            Several months passed by, and snow came earlier than usual.

            What remained were a vacant shoe box, a pair of rigid gumboots slouching on the ground and a single baby sandal leaning against him with an undiscovered hole under the insole.

Published by Sam Chen