Sometimes people ask me where do I come from. Petionville, Haiti. I can't seem to fully express what I feel. With so much misinformation about my homeland, I often have to follow with lengthy explanations. This is the closest I've come to date in expressing my lineage, my home. I'm sharing this prose as a template to inspire others like me to express the fullness of who you are and where you come from in your own words. In JOY!

H.O.M.E (House Of Many Energies)

In the backyard of one of my ancestral homes sits a tiny house with two rooms.

Two blood colored doors facing outwards to greet its makers.

Not just any house but the house of the Marassa.

Known elsewhere as the Ibeji, Geb and Nut, Castor and Pollux and other divine twins.

One room made of water, one made of fire.

This house is the home of spiritual laws which governs the hands and our matrilineal lineage.

This is the house of laws (or loas) which rules guiding principles of giving and receiving.

The house of personal and community responsibility.

The house of protectors and magic healers.

The house of dual maternity. Warriors and nurturers.

Divinity of all dances. House of fertility, divine mothers doulas and of duality.

When we remove the mysticism for the mundane, it is also the house of common sense approach to living in harmony with all life.

The house of inner equanimity and outer harmony.

The house of discernment.

The house of creativity and destruction. The house of labor and birth.

The house of balance.

Our house sits on a plot of land where cords are buried.

Where our Captain's great tree still stands. Where Grand spirits still walk all hours of day and night.

That is where I come from on my mother's side.

Published by Irmina Tutu