Let me tell you a story about hope, life, love and family…

I would like to share this article to HELP one of my closest friends and his family, and to bring HOPE and INSPIRE others as well..

Last January 7th, one of my closest friends and God brother, Michael Hendrik Lim (Mico) has been diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease characterized with a very low functionality on BOTH kidneys at a dismal 2 %. This is a life threatening illness,only at the age of 29. I am in awe of how positive  and strong Mico is facing this struggle.


Here are his medical documents:



Mico is a wonderful son of Ninong Nandy and Ninang Melochie. He is a very supportive and reliable eldest brother (Ahia/Kuya) of Michelle and Mervin. A sweet grandson, a good nephew and a helpful cousin ..





He is a  great and thoughtful friend and “Kabarkada”…






Michael is a selfless and caring dad of two loving kids, Xianne and Ethan.



And most of all, he is a loving husband to Jaea.





He underwent hemodialysis three times a week, but we knew that such medical procedure will not guarantee a prolonged life for him as it takes so much toll on his body and his physique is visibly regressing already.



According to his doctors, the best option to prolong his life is through a kidney transplant, which would roughly cost at around 1.3 M pesos to 1.5 M pesos in the National Kidney Transplant Institute.

Michael and his wife have two very young children aged two and four years old respectively and they still need to take care of them as well. These children still need their parents…

The search for a kidney donor and funds for the operation began.

He was very blessed to be given such a loving wife, Jaea (27 years old), who was more than willing to donate one of her kidneys to her husband.


Michael and Jaea has completed the pre-kidney transplant work up.


His kidney transplant operation was re-scheduled a couple of times because of lack of funds. The first schedule was on February 25th, then moved to March 21, 2016 which was cancelled, too.

A T-shirt fundraising campaign (assisted by Mico’s cousin Carina and other relatives) for Mico’s kidney transplant was organized.

Thankfully, with the guidance of Our Lord, and with Mico’s family, friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates and several “anonymous people” supporting them, they were able to raise funds to pay the down payment needed for the operation.

The operation was successfully completed on April 1st even with just a partial payment. Such a great news on April Fool’s day!






Because of what his family has been going through, their resources have been completely drained…

So we are now in dire need of financial support to settle his hospital bills and pay for his maintenance medicines.

These are the hospital bills they still need to take care of and the medicines he still needs to purchase:


For the generous people who would still love to help, you may send your donations via these account numbers or you may also purchase newly designed T-shirts for our fundraising campaign. However, T-shirt shipping right now is only within the Philippines. These are the details:


You may click this link to purchase:


We will be forever grateful and indebted in gratitude once our request be heard. We have already sought help from various government institutions, but unfortunately, the amount of money that we need is just too much for us to handle.

May you be an instrument of God to save a life, a loved one and a family. May you also be inspired by this story.. filled with hope, life and love…

Thank you so much and God bless.

Published by Rea Lakwatsera