I wake up in dread,

Yet another day I pretend.

The prying eyes that pierce,

On my shoulder and back of my head.

Why I wonder am I judged ?

For a girl of age thirty-two,

For a girl I am unmarried,

For the choice it was that I made.

They console me to be  patient,

They demand I need to settle,

They comment I look old,

They think I am odd,

They think I am mad,

They wonder if I am flawed,

They whisper aloud,

They reject my choice of lifestyle!

Why must a woman have a mate ?

Why mustn’t a woman choose not to breed?

Why shouldn’t an unmarried woman look her age?

Why is loneliness confused with solitude ?

Why is she faced with lack of support from her very own ?

Why do married women her age not accept her?

Why is she forced to answer these questions ?

Why! She is a woman on a journey!!

A journey to win her battles!

A journey to let the peering voices go unheard.

A journey to ignore and move around.

A journey to stand up and be strong.

A journey to notice the love she deserves.

A journey alone to celebrate the solitude.

To celebrate the life she chose for herself.


Published by Deepthi Suresh