A Kind Heart.


Having a heart is one thing we all have in common, however some have bigger hearts than others, they can be kinder, understanding and loving hearts or cold evil and bad hearts. Most of our friends will have good hearts, because that is what we would look for in our companions on this life journey, we are on. The type of person around you will be considerate to your needs, they will patiently wait for you to talk about a concern of yours, they will not rush you, or corner you into a confession you are not ready to give, they give you time to make that decision yourself, when you feeel comfortable to express what is on your mind or within your heart. They always see who you really are, even without speaking, they have taken true loving care to know who you are. They are there when you need a helping hand and will do everything in their power to keep you feeling good about yourself and your situation in times of stress. A true friend with a big heart always has time for you, nothing is more important than you and things can be dropped at a seconds notice, they never say "we will speak in a couple of days" they will hold you in high esteem and hopefully you will correspond this feeling to them.

There are a lot of good people in this world, that at the moment is some what strange, but when you find a friend of this kind, treat them well as they do you, as friendships and good hearts should be treasured and cared for. 

Published by Brooke Smitham