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Man will these kids ever catch a break. And will Tejus ever give into his feelings?

This book picks up where the last book left off. Julian comes to and realizes that he has been taken. I don't know what that bitch of a Queen is up too and how she is involved with the power of the stones but I hope we find out soon.

Benedict realizes that the stones and Queen Tina is not a good thing, but he can't fight the power they have over him. He is getting very scared and he confides in one of the other humans that share a room with them. She tells him he needs to tell his sister but that is not happening.

Tejus keeps fighting his attraction for Hazel and she doesn't know what to make of it. There is something holding him back but he won't share what it is, and she is bound and determined to find out what it is.

There is a lot of strange things happening at the castle and with Julian missing and no one can find him it has them all on edge. When Ash, Ruby, and Benedict go out in town to try to find him they run across some things that have Benedict freaked out. But, he still refuses to tell Ruby or Hazel because he doesn't want them stressing out over it while they are trying to find Julian.

Some weird things start happening at the castle after Benedict goes missing and it almost pushes Hazel over the edge. She is going crazy with Julian missing and now her brother out there looking for him.

 When Benedict shows up in his room to confide in the human she is amazed that he is able to even be in the castle, but she promises him she will follow him that evening if he starts to sleepwalk. She is able to follow him up until a certain point then she freaks out because she promised him and now she can't keep her promise. So she does the only thing she thinks she can do and that is to tell Hazel.

When she tells Hazel she shows her what she is talking about and Hazel tells her to go and get Tejus. After he sees what is going on they come up with a plan to break the barrier after Benedict comes back.

They get everyone ready and show them how to mind-meld so it is less painful to the humans and makes a stronger connection as well. While they are doing all of this Hazel and Tejus try to stay in the moment to instruct them on how to do it but they get pulled into their own thoughts and man what a thought it was. I wished Tajus would tell her what would have to happen for them to be together and let Hazel decide for herself if she wants to risk it, even thought I am not really sure what would have to happen.

They decide not to talk about what happened and focus on trying to save Benedict. After they see him walking up the tunnel they are shocked at how he looks. He acts like he doesn't even see them standing there. They break the barrier but something else happens that you will have to read to find out what it is but it is bad.

While Ash and Ruby were out looking for Julian one old lady told Ruby to watch out for Ash that she didn't trust the Queen. Ruby didn't really trust her either but told the lady she would do her best. While they were spending some rare alone time and getting cozy the Queen appeared and offered Ash a job. Ruby didn't like it because he had just told her that he would go back to earth with her when they were able to leave.

He told her that he would only work for the Queen for as long as the barrier was up. She was worried about him being there and he wants her to go but she can't leave her friends. When they get back to the castle they are locked out and go back to the Queen's castle until they are allowed back in the castle. She does not like what is going on its like every time they try to get close to each other someone always interrupts them. Ash tells her not to worry so much but she can't help it.

Tejus admitted something to himself and Hazel admitted the same to herself but I will leave that little tidbit hanging for you to find out what it is when you read it but keep it in mind.

Back on earth they know something is wrong and when they get to the camp they see that something really bad happened. When they see shadows of people coming from around the building they are floored because they were human but they looked lifeless in their eyes. They tried to attack Rose and the rest of the group but they are easy to handle and Corrine gets them put under a spell to hold them down. They try to talk to one and he is not making any sense whatsoever. One of them thinks that Rose is Hazel and she pretends to be but he is still not making any sense.

They decided to check out the cabin and found Benedict's shirt and cell phone. They also found Julian's wallet next to some very large footprints. They knew right then that someone had taken them and it was more than likely not human. They decided to take some of the more talkative humans back to The Shade hospital to try to get them better the rest they were taking to local hospitals. They would alert all of the group once they got back to The Shade and set out looking for the kids. They pitied anyone who took them.

Ben got a visitor from the past that he thought he would never see again. Sherus said he was not sure why he was there but that he needed to speak to him and his father. Sherus was one of the people he hoped to never see again.

I can't wait for the next book to be released on December 20, 2016. Even though it is only a few weeks away that seems like such a long time when I am dying to know what is happening with everyone.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself and get answered while you are reading?

Does Hazel and Tejus find the stone she gave to Benedict?

What happened to Benedict?

What happened to Julian?

What does Hazel and Tejus admit to themselves?

What does Tejus reveal when they did a mind-meld?

What did they share when they were showing everyone how to mind-meld?

How cozy are Ruby and Ash getting?

There is a lot of secrets revealed and some that leave you hanging on trying to figure out what is going on, but it is a great read. I highly recommend this book.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you will enjoy the book.

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An Empire of Stones

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