Look at that contagious smile!

Everyone has it in them, the potential to make someone smile or brighten a person's day. I happen to find joy in that and want to be my fullest self to make people feel better. I unknowingly did that in an informal meeting and the person laughed and said, 'Kirah you're really funny and made my day, I'm better now because of this'. I didn't expect it but it's those moments people feel better about life as a result of my randomness that I look forward to.

That small act paved the way for an act of kindness to be returned to me. What's the saying, everyone get one give one? I'm not sure but I gave and received within days. I had another terrible morning with tears, feeling sick and confusion tied with feeling like a crap teacher. I had a short inadequate-teacher-feeling sharing of my concern and the person said, "No, pull yourself together you're not going to take that stop it." It was what I needed, my eyes got wet but I needed it. I later got a good strong hug and realised I needed that too.

I thought you shouldn't show vulnerability at work but in that moment I'm glad I did because the hug was literally my only point of personal contact with someone for 3 months exactly. It was my only real opening to seeing how empty I was inside from personal things for half that time! Hopefully I remember to make some pancakes and bring that as a thank you gift.

I share this to say: Give and you'll get it back, pressed down, shaken together and running over (Bible)! 😘

Published by Kirah Grand