Dear You,

For the past nineteen years, I’ve been a fool writing endless poems, essays, stories or letters to bunch of wrong people I chose instead of you. But now, I finally realized that I had to stop because they don't deserve the thoughts that wander on my mind and the words that I've written or spoken. I have you for goodness sake.

I had never given up on love for I learned that the past heartaches and mistakes I've experienced out of love are just normal because those are just the consequences on falling in love. So I solemnly believed that I just have to find someone who is worth the heartaches, pain and mistakes. That's why I'm very happy that I met you.

You who came not from a cheesy novel or from the Korean star, but you who became my home regardless where you came from. You, who are far from my league but who showed that every feature and flaw you have is made perfectly for me that also made me realized that I blinded myself with ideals and expectations in which I don't actually need. You, who cause every reason I smile, cry, get mad, laugh and love every single day of my life because you make me feel alive. You who I kept questioning what I did on my past lifetime for me to deserve someone like you. You who helped me to become the person I intended to be and not changed to a person I will never recognize when I look at the mirror.

It was always you and I thank you for that. I will keep on thanking, apologizing and loving you even after this lifetime. I will always be yours and you will always be mine. I will always answer that you are the reason I am always in love. I will always keep my promise that I will stay by your side whatever the reason may be.

And as my letter for you comes to an end, always remember that I will continue to wait for you, whoever you may be. I'll just wait here until I hear from you these words, "Sorry, it took me this long but I'll always be your 'you' who I will always love even after our lifetime".


The girl who will always be yours

Published by Katrina Martinez