Dear Luke,


I'm sorry. I never really knew that I was going to leave you and everyone else the way I did. I thought my body was stronger than this, but I guess life has other plans. It is what it is, right? Thank you for your letter bud, I really appreciate it. We really had some great times didn't we? I'm so glad you moved to River Edge in third grade. I never knew we'd become such great friends. You were so goofy but so was I so I guess it makes sense.


So I see you're still training hard for boxing...that's good. Keep that drive and fight and fight. Don't let these other kids tell you you're too small or too weak. Punch ‘em and take them down. I wish I could be there for your first fight. But know I'm in your corner buddy. Between each round, each punch, I got you.


Luke, if you were the one that passed away...I wonder what it would've been like. I know we didn't spend much time together these past few years and I know that eats at you every single day. But we never grew apart, just that we had different plans for the future. You were still one of my best friends and I loved every memory we made. If it were you and not me, I'd have a tattoo for you by now unlike you who can't decide very quickly.


You're almost 21. You can finally buy that blueberry vodka that made you puke all over my room. I know you were always the more artsy and poetic one, so I really don't know what else to say, but that I miss you and everyone else.


Life's so fucking short. I never expected it to be. Don't regret a single thing. Just do whatever you want. Drink, have fun, make mistakes, puke a little, cry like the girl you are sometimes, and make new best friends. I'll always remember you because you have me in your heart and mind every single day.


You were right about the whole heaven thing. Jesus is pretty cool and so is this place. I'll be waiting. Make your life worthwhile and I'll see you whenever time calls. Till then, stay golden.


P.S. That last text I sent you? When I said “holy fuck”? You figure that out.



Craig Turner


Published by Luke Lee