Hi dad..

How are you?


I am not good..

I am messed up

I don’t know what should I do.

My tears rollin down my cheek as I wrote this..

I am so stupid..

I choose the wrong things..

I disappoint you..

I am sorry..

I know exactly what u will say now to me..

“ Que sera sera… “

What ever happen.. happens dear..all ou have to do is stand tall and lift your head high.

Take the risk.. walk proud..

I am sorry.. for being such a brat daughter..

I throw all your hopes away..

I threw all my dreams away,,,  I shouldn’t done that..

I am sorry..

I’ll be good. I’ll be okay..

I held my head high.. I become the best for sure.. I kick myself and push myself to my limit to make you proud.. I want to see you smile when u see me one day..  when its my time..

Your smile.. your love.. your advices.. is my power.. my motivation… I’ll do GREAT!


Lots of love..


From your Daughter… 

Published by Tanya Petrushka