Dear baby girl,

You're not born yet, but I cannot wait to hold you into my arms. I long for the day in which I could look into your eyes and wonder whether you look like me or like your father. Either way, you will be perfect to me. I love you already.

You have been in my belly, growing up, for the past 28 weeks. I know you will take all the time you need before meeting this big, wonderful and scary world. I will be with you every step of the way. I will support you. I will be there when you need me, every time and any time. I cannot wait to tell you all the beautiful things present in our world, our history, the animals, the plants and all the amazing people you will meet.

Yet, I must warn you, my baby girl, that although the world is beautiful, it is a strange place sometimes. Not everyone has good intentions. Some people will hurt you, some will be harsh, some will ignore you. I will help you in all your troubles. I will always be there to support and aid you, but you know baby girl, you will be the one who makes the decision. 

Who are you going to be? I am so impatient, I want to meet you already! 

I want you to know some things baby girl, before you take your  first breath. I will be your mom, and I know I will make mistakes. I am only human after all. Know one thing about me: I love you, and I do not want to hurt you. Ever. Your father loves you already. You're his little bubba. Although he's not always the best partner, I know he will the best father you could dream of. Maybe a little overprotective sometimes, you may have some arguments with him once you reach your teenager years and want to go out with boys (or girls?). You have a loving family around you that would do anything for you. There is even a cat and a puppy waiting for you. The cat doesn't care much (he's a cat after all) but the puppy licks my swollen belly and rest her head on it, waiting for you, and I guess cuddling you the best way possible until you're physically here.

We are all waiting for you. We love you dearly.

PS: Your father and I cannot agree yet for your name. Please tell us what you would love.

Published by Elisabeth Blue