I read a letter on Facebook once that I held on to for a very long time! It was a letter a parent had written to one of her child. It really stuck to me, so here I am reiterating it. I hope this reaches all children!

There are times when we get frustrated at our parents! But we have to remember that they are only getting older. The more time we spend arguing with them, the less time and memories we can make with them. When they reach that stage where they cannot take care of themselves anymore, we have to remember to

feed them, like how they fed us when we were unable to feed ourselves,
hold their hands, like how they did when we couldn't walk,
teach them about the new world like how they did when we were entering their world,
spend time with them, like how they did with us everyday of their life,
pray for them, like how they did for us everyday when we didn't know any better,
don't turn them into a nursing home, because they never gave up on you,
work hard for them, as they did for you when they were still young and able to work.
and love them unconditionally, like how they still do everyday. 

We have to remember that as our parents age, its our responsibility to take care of them. They will become fragile as we were when we first entered the world.

Published by Mai Vue Xiong