I’ve finished my GCSES!!! Finally, I am free!!

After completing my GCSES I am now ready to move onto the next chapter of my life. I am no longer a little school girl, I am a sixth former. I decided a while back that I would stay on at my school’s sixth form, rather than going to college. As I felt college would not be right for me. At sixth form I will study for my A-levels, this brings me onto the big question: What A-levels should I do?

I have already decided that I will definitely do Chemistry, Biology and Maths at A-level. I choose chemistry as it is one of my favourite subjects and I find it very interesting. It’s hard to say which bit of chemistry I like best, as I like it all! Then I chose biology as it is my second favourite subject. I love learning about human biology especially the blood and cells. Then I chose maths, to be honest I don’t really like maths. I just know that it is very useful and something I really need to do in order to study a science related course at university.

Then it brings me onto the dreaded 4th option. For me it’s a huge toss up between psychology and physics. If you had asked me 4 months ago what I would do, I would of told you physics no doubt.  However I’m starting to have second thoughts. Coming towards the end of GCSES I was fed up with physics. I found certain topics very hard and boring, for example I hated learning about motors and electromagnetic induction. So I don’t really know if I want to carry it on for another year. Then there is psychology, which I would be starting from scratch. I have never studied psychology so there is a risk that I may not be any good at it. However I have always had a slight interest in psychology from an early age and who knows it may just be for me.

So what now? I had a meeting with my school’s career adviser and she is allowing me to have a go at 5 AS levels. She said I am capable of doing it, however she doesn’t normally recommend it! I am doing a trial run of all 5 and seeing how I get on. Perhaps I will find physics isn’t for me or the other way around…who knows.

It's scary to think my school life has come to an end and now I have the ability to dictate my own path in life. 

Published by Anna Collins