Coda, Ohhh Coda.  How I love you.   On stormy days your sunshine calms the overwhelming roar that uproots my existence and continues to toss my experience to the side. As you drag me up the road of recovery; you do it with such a pleasant and easy to please attitude. I’ll never be able to thank you enough. Times one may describe as depressing you never fail to lick the wheel and slip my thoughts to freedom.  You acknowledge when I wake up with a foggy perception and instinctually wrap yourself around me until my sense of peace is found.  You have always been there for me and I rely on you, especially when I need a few extra licks.  Your ability to go on an adventure at a moments notice; to just see greatness in the simplest of things, is a jealousy of mine.  A guilelessness radiates as each little foot of yours strides through accepting life for what it is.  You, Coda still ring of innocence.  I am forever grateful for how your ego-less intentions provide the necessary support for me to properly manage my symptoms.  My concussion recovery, to me, is to basically sway with the wind.  To use tedious activities to engage myself in the present moment; which as you know.. I am experimenting as a means in my concussion recovery. You are a skeptic that strives to find equilibrium and I could not have written a better philosophy to live by. People ignore you but that’s their loss, I know you’re really a human… I swear, it’s not like the time I pretended to throw the stick… You. Coda, are essential to My Concussion Recovery.


Published by Patrick Bridgman