Booking a holiday from one European country to another is dangerously too easy, but oh so worth it.  I’ve always had the desire to travel to Turkey, and from the moment I stepped out of Ataturk airport I knew I was in for an experience.

With the centre of Istanbul only a 5 minute walk from where I was staying, it didn’t take long for me to be in awe of the most amazing city.  From the cobblestone streets to the grand Mosques and Museums, there was something to fall in love with at every turn.

First up was the Grand Bazaar, and boy did it not disappoint.  Filled with the most flawless patterns, lanterns, turkish towels, spices, turkish delight, and baklava, it took so much self control to not spend all my lira on the first day.  After being loured into a sweet store and being converted from a Turkish delight hater to lover, it was onto exploring the streets of Istanbul.  This wouldn’t have been a typical experience if I didn’t get lost for an hour in the 27 degree heat, but it was so cool to see all the different aspects of the Turkish culture and life.  Eventually finding my way back to the Blue Mosque, it was time to discover for myself the beauty of the most photographed ceiling in the world. And a beauty it was. Incredible. Inside and out, it was the most beautiful place I have ever stepped foot into.

An early start the next morning saw me off on a week long adventure down to Fethiye, with a few stops along the way.  First up was Gallipoli. It was such a surreal feeling to be somewhere you’ve heard and learnt about for so long, and for it to be such a beautiful place was definitely beyond what I was expecting.

After a couple of days of exploring ruin after ruin, it was finally time to venture to Pamukkale, the hot springs that dreams are made of.  A massive tick off the bucket list. It definitely lived up to its name “Cotton Castle” and was everything I imagined it to be – exactly like the pictures.

Just a short drive from Pamukkale was the little coastal town of Fethiye, where it was time for a 3 day sail around the Aegean Sea. Nothing but the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean and good food, it was exactly what I needed. Being able to wake up on the deck of a yacht and just dive into the water was an absolute dream.  Turkey is an absolutely magical place and this is only half of what I’ve experienced. Stay posted for part 2 of my Turkish adventure.


Published by Alannah Harris