This was originally posted on thewhiteboardpig blog in 2014, but I figured now is as good a time as any to bring it back and share with new audiences.


If only cops feeling up OWS girls were the worst of our problems...

First off, this is not a violation of my blog's foundational rules. This post merely contains a list. It is not a "list post".

My previous post that pointed out the destructive-to-the-cause nature of turning "all lives matter" into "black lives matter" ended up being quite controversial. Of course, it must be noted that "the cause" refers to the desire that many of us have to end America's police state and hold police to the same standards they hold the public. If your cause is to divide people, then this "black lives matter" narrowing of the issue is doing that beautifully. The latter holds true for an unfortunately large number of people who are fully convinced that police brutality and police state America are solely black community issues and white people should mind their own business because these things don't affect them. Then of course there's this other large group of people, the "cops are just doing their jobs" and "being a cop is so stressful" and "there isn't actually a problem, it's being blown out of proportion" people. I wanted to do something for both these groups of people, to help them see reality, to help them see the absurdity of their positions, and to reinforce my previous post.  Both groups are doing harm to a cause that is ultimately going to decide whether future America will be a free country or not. They need to get back in touch with reality. So, without further adieu, I give you my list...


Things that cops in America will shoot you to death for holding/doing:

Of course, these are just the most ridiculous cases. There are many, many more. Still think the American police state doesn't affect anyone other than black people? Still think the police state isn't an issue at all? The police in this country will kill anyone for doing anything, as they see fit - and most of the time they won't face any consequences. That's the real problem. Not racism. Not white people. Not bias in the justice system (aside from a prosecutorial pro-cop bias). Just out of control, above the law brothers-in-blue that are allowed to kill anyone with impunity.




This list is growing as people bring new events to my attention. If you know of an event that is not included, please leave a link in the comments. Thank you for contributing to getting the truth out there.

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