Hey guys I'm back! 

Sorry it has been a while since I have uploaded I have some news for all you! 

I got a new job! I am working as a cleaner for sky tv, now some people maybe like eww a cleaning job, but I'm like it helps me pay my bills and save up for my holiday back home next year!

Like I said up there ^ Me and my Mum are returning to London for a few days next year, I can not wait for it! We have were we will be staying and how we will get there done and dusted, We know where we will be going and what we will be doing as well so I am very excited! Now because I got the new job I had to tell my boss about it and we just put a holiday form in so simple and easy, so all I have to do is get stuff for traveling, now as many of you who many know me in real life, or follow me on social media you may already know that I already have stuff for traveling. But for many of you who are new I'll let you all know what I have and where I get most of my stuff from. 

So starting with the basic stuff, I have a suitcase its a cabin size one and its a pink hello kitty design, my parents bought it for me when I travelled to Barcelona in 2014 with my college when I was doing HNC Photography it was a 5 day trip including travel days . A couple of months later I went to Germany by myself (was meeting and staying with a ex friend) I borrowed my parents suitcase as this was a longer trip about 7-8 days including travel days as well. 

After these trips I noticed I needed more travel items to make things easier for myself and packing a lot easier too, so I went on one of my favorite websites..... eBay! Now I love eBay I really do, I got myself some packing cubes and they are amazing! Mine has lasted 2 years and still going strong they came to Glastonbury 2015/2016 with me top packer me haha. These cost me £4.00 from eBay

I also have a travel document holder as well, perfect to store your passport, hotel information, plane tickets etc in now I didn't take that to glasto but it will be coming to London with me to hold our hotel and train information. This cost me only £1.99 from eBay

Now me and Mum are going down by train so we will be taking our own food to eat, its almost a 5 hour train ride but we are going early in the morning, so of course I will be taking my thermal flask that has two cups on it for me and her, also some things we will probably make the day before and put in a little bag or take a cool bag, not to sure on that yet. I got my flask from Asda as well it cost me £10 and it is a 1.8L. 

I do have travel pillows but as we are only going to be on the train for about 5 hours I wont be bring them, I got them from Poundland, and you blow them up. £1.00 each (life save at glastonbury let me tell you) 

Now in my camping post you'll see I have about 10 water bottles I know its a bit much but I'm just obsessed with them, (I got one free at Glasto for volunteering) Now I have been giving some as presents and some I have bought myself, however most of them have been off eBay and the dearest one was £12.00 for 900ml one from the company GSI Outdoor but it is worth the money! So I will be taking a water bottle with me while we are out and about and I'll bring one for my Mum too, but she can pick the one she wants to borrow. 

Now of course to get around London you need a oyster card, We will be buying one closer to the time of us going but I have seen some holders on eBay that I will be getting they are like £1.99 each so its not so bad. 

When it comes to toiletries I have all the stuff already from my past trips like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and toothpaste, I also have the toiletry bag got that for £2.50 on eBay and it holds all my stuff perfect and I should point out that everything in there is full size and not travel size, for the toothbrushes I have caps for them or actually holders which I got at Primark for £1.00 each the caps was a pack of five while the holders was a pack of two. My Mum has a travel hair dryer so that will be coming with us as well. 

Now for my camera gear, I will be taking my camera and two lenses the standard kit lens and my tamron 70-300 zoom lens with me and the charger with extra battery, I have a camera bag that I bought years ago, I can't remember what shop I got it from but I know it was on sale for £5.00 total bargain! I do have a memory card holder that cost £1.00 from eBay and I have a tripod that my parents bought for me. 

As it is only a a 5 day trip two of them being travel days, I wont be taking much, however all the stuff I will be taking actually doesn't fit into my hello kitty suitcase so I need to buy a new one, I know the one I am going to get its from you guessed it eBay and cost £38.99 its a 28inch hard cell spinner one so I will be getting that when I get money. 

I am also looking at more travel items to buy when I go out of the country like the small travel bottles and other stuff like that but I also seem to buy them when I know I will be traveling it is easier that way. 


Anyway my lovelies I'm going to go the now as it is 4am I hope you all have a really fantastic day! 


Live Long And Prosper _\\//



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