,,She got to the point when she felt more comfortable talking about other people than herself. She felt that it’s better that way.”

Usually when you are sick and laying in bed such a long long time (as I was some time ago), you start to realize that days are alloying into one big pile of minutes while you are waiting till the sun comes down because you don’t have anything better to do. At this boring time of your life you think about theory of relativity, why unicorns doesn’t exist or I don’t know, why are you sick at the worst time possible. Sounds familiar? Maybe a little.

So I was watching some series, not really listening, neither watching and started to think about us, women. I wanted to talk about this for such a long time actually and never really got to it. I know that International Womens day  or whatever was like a year ago but still, better now than never.

Woman is a very odd creature. I don’t even know if such tolerant creature even exist somewhere. She is able to forgive, but unfortunately unable to forget some things that happened. She is able to believe in something or believe in somebody, even though she knows, that somebody is lying to her, it is like she is willingly hurting herself. He can cheat, lie, hurting her…but consequently she is able to love him no matter what. Where the hell this “error” in womens head has its origin? Where is it from? Like do you think that women have this mistake somehow encoded into their minds from the very beginning? Is it possible?

It is kinda fascinating that woman believes this much. She believes that everything’s gonna change one day.
Women are a very very good liars, but the best liars if they are lying to themselves. They are creating a perfect “pictures” or maybe perfect paintings about their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, but those “pictures” are totally abstract, they are just exhibiting in their heads.
Okay I can say it like this:

Why are WE still doing that? Why are we still expecting and imagining something?
What is it, that still makes us go on?
It's women's hope.

Women’s hope is a magical thing.
When there is a good period it twists our minds and draws the world the way it isn’t. It gives us the power to go though another day, and many many other days, it gives us the purpose to live. It gives us the feeling that when we wake up at the morning everything’s gonna be different, even though we know that nothing can change the way we want during just one night.
When there is a bad period, it lifts us off the ground and tells us that it doesn’t really matter that we fell off, we need to go on. Exactly you need to go on. And if you wanna know, you can’t stop just because of one obstacle. We were created to handle anything, you just need to believe in that.
So what about you? Do you still have your hope?
Nina  ∞ 

Published by Nina S