Lately I've been finding it really hard to sit down and blog.

As though part of me forgot how to write, but I think in all honesty what I really forgot was why I write. 

When I started writing it was to tell my story, to create this safe place and to encourage other people to share theirs. 

I think somewhere along the way I forgot that. 

The purpose of my writing is not to produce consistent content to attract more followers, to get more likes or to get more views on my page - It's my way of liberating myself from this pain that's been oppressing me for so long, in hopes that it encourages others to liberate themselves as well. 

In order to hold my self accountable I will be posting to this blog every Monday (At no set time just yet) but once a week there will be something here. 

-Natalia Camarena

Published by Natalia Camarena