I am not afraid of heights - Have you seen my shoes?

  Carrie Bradshaw

Who hasn't watched Sex and the City and drooled over Carrie's clothes?! Because I certainly have. From the dresses to her shoes, I would kill to have a wardrobe like that. To many viewers she may be just a character, but to me she is a great fashion icon and an inspiration. So I created one of her iconic looks of wearing a tulle skirt.

Tulle is most well known for being used in ballerina’s tutus. When I learned ballet, the only thing that I was excited to wear was my pink tutu skirt because it made me feel like a princess! But with the coming years, tulle has become a fashion trend. Tulle originated in France in the early 1700s and in a city called Tulle. It is amazing to learn that tulle has been worn and used in various fashion trends overtime.

This tulle skirt has a layer of lace which creates a floating look. I paired my midi length skirt with a long sleeves lace top and pumps. The skirt is completely adorable and it is thin enough for an everyday look.

Hope you all like this look! Leave comments below :)



Published by Pooja Baxi