Imagine for a moment that one of your favorite people, who you don't often see, called and made plans to come visit next week. Imagine being excited as you plan out the day. You would think of some of the best things you can do together. You would likely prepare their favorite meal or make reservations at their favorite restaurant. Maybe you would put out some of the snacks that they can't find where they live (as my parents did for me this Christmas!!).

You would think through every scenario and probably even prepare backup plans so that nothing is missed. You would likely clean the house, light your best candles, and wear your favorite clothes. In short, you would do your best to make the environment as welcoming as possible.

Friends, it should not be any different with God. The reason your Sunday morning church experience is often so much more precious than the rest of the week is because the environment welcomes the Holy Spirit's presence. You can do this at home but it does take some work. Is your lifestyle giving God room to work in you?

Think about that this week and do something extra to show God that He is welcome in your life!


Published by David Sacerich