Just this morning, my girl told me I'm putting too much pressure on her being "clingy", by constantly asking her if she's still in love with me, and making her prove her love over and over again (I don't really understand that part though). So, i'm sadly but surely giving her a break and some space. I think what she has asked for would eventually break up our... 11year relationship though, but me trying to save it every other way I know doesn't seem to be working so far, so?. This is by far the most painful situation i've ever been in, I couldn't sleep all night last night, I have no appetite for anything, I can't control my thoughts/focus, I feel pains in my heart, I don't know how I will "survive" this, but I have no choice but to let her be as she's no longer happy and/or sure about our relationship or its future; i'm thinking this because she told me she doesn't know if she'll say yes if I ask her to marry me right now, and saying that to me is like saying "i'm no longer with you, bye." I will resist every temptation to call or text her. I will be switching off my phones by 9pm tonight to avoid her calls (if she'll even call), I'm hoping that me giving her a break and a little space will turn things around for the best, but if it doesn't work, then this is going to be the worst/hardest heartbreak i've ever had to go through. Dear God PLEASE STRENGTHEN ME.

Published by Al Phacarl