Hello everyone!

I'm here to let you know, there's no need to worry about your upcoming year. That may seem like hard advice to swallow given your current state of affairs. Your mind is probably boggling over the dorm situation, the classes, the potential friends and just, what daily life will look like.

All this comes from the fear of the unknown. Your high school had a very certain routine, a way of life that you became accustomed to, all within range of your home and family.

College is different, but after time you will be able to familiarize yourself and feel comfortable. What you need to figure out is what your underlying worry is.

Going into freshman year, I was obsessed with what my room was going to look like. I had a phase previously where I thought I'd be an interior designer, and that had come back in full force. I was watching millions of dorm tours of what seemed like the same tapestry, picture-ridden room.

Come freshman year, I barely spent any time in my room. I preferred coffeeshops and the library for studying and dorm lounges for socializing. The only thing I did in my room was change and sleep it seemed.

What I realized is that my underlying worry was about my home base. I was used to my surroundings at home with my sister and mom going in and out, the sea air from nearby and my room's cluttered but homey space. My worry revolved around how comfortable I was going to feel, and whether I'd feel at home. Thus I tried to envision it as much as possible so that I could try and make myself feel at home before I even got there. That doesn't work by the way, once you get there and find a routine, that's when the homeyness feeling sets in. (By the way, I was beyond stoked for school to start. It's not like I was incredibly anxious, but it was a mixture of nervousness and excitement, as everyone feels).

So asses: what is it that you're worried about, and what do you think the root cause is? Feel free to contact me and I'll respond with a post or a comment!

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Published by Sabrine G