There really is nothing sexier than buying your girl a good pair of stockings, suspenders or babydoll lingerie. Not only will she feel treated, but she will also find it subtle, sexy and exiting. But there are a few things that you need to consider when buying lingerie for your girl. Not least of all is size, shape, and personal preference. Buying your lady some lingerie is a surefire way of showing her that you are attracted to her, but no woman wants to come home to a pair of crotchless panties that are three sizes too small. So use our tips for buying her the perfect piece of lingerie to avoid those awkward mistakes!

Be Prepared to Spend

One of the first things that you need to do when buying some lingerie for your other half is prepare your wallet! Most sexy outfits and lingerie options are a little pricey and getting the perfect thing for your partner may mean sacrificing some money. But it is definitely a price worth paying! Don’t get your girl something just because it’s cheap. Buying lingerie like this will usually mean sacrificing the fit, shape and quality of what you are buying. If you are looking to save a bit of money on your buy then it’s worth checking out My Favourite Voucher Codes. You can get great discount voucher codes on plenty of online lingerie and sexy outfit retailers without having to sacrifice the quality of the product!

Consider Her Body Shape

Now this one may seem obvious, but it is one of those things that us men sometimes overlook. A woman is usually very tuned in to what styles suit her body shape, and so she’ll only really buy lingerie that compliments her look. Think back to some of the outfits that your woman has worn in the past. Doe she wear low cut tops, short skirts or skimpy fits? Try to tailor the lingerie to those styles. If she is conscious of her tummy then buy her something that shows off her legs and chest. If she is doesn't like her legs then get something that will show off her slender arms and breasts. Either way, always consider a shape that she will feel comfortable in!

Get the Right Size

Another hugely important aspect of finding her the perfect lingerie and outfit is by knowing exactly what size she is. Your partner will not be happy if you buy her a sexy outfit that is way too small! This is a definite mood-killer. Take a look through some of her other pieces of lingerie or underwear and note down the size. If you are still unsure then you can always ask her, better to ruin the surprise and get the right size than the other way around!

Packaging and Extras

One of the best ways to romanticise your choice of lingerie is by giving it to her in some beautiful packaging. If your girl is presented with a pink tissue paper and ribbon filled box that contains a little black number then she will feel a lot more treated than if you just leave it in a heap on the bed. Consider putting some sexy extras into the box to give it that extra saucy impact. Anne Summers has a range of sexy games, toys and lubricants that you can add onto your lingerie surprise. Plus you can use Anne Summers voucher codes to get those add ons at great prices!

Consider a Theme

Another thing that you need to consider when treating that special someone to some lingerie is a theme. You may want to go without a theme, simply sticking to a sexy and stylish black. But if you want to make things a little more interesting than you could go for a theme with your lingerie. Perhaps you and your partner would like to try out some roll play in the bedroom, or maybe you know that your girl has always wanted to try out a specific theme? From cowboy, nurse and police officer through to dominatrix, there are a range of themes for you to think about. But make sure you pick something that is just as much for her as it is for you!

What Do You Like?

It is always worth considering what it is that you want out of a piece of lingerie or outfit for your partner. As much as you need to consider her comfort and wants, the sentiment will be a lot more enjoyable if you can't resist your girlfriend in it! Try to find common looks and themes that you can both enjoy. Maybe you are both into lace or latex, or maybe you both fancy the idea of pursuing a specific theme. Either way try to find a theme, style and shape that suits the both of you. Your partner won't be best pleased if she thinks that this gesture is a purely selfish act!

There are many things that you need to consider when buying your girl the perfect piece of lingerie or sexy outfit. But most importantly you need to get the right shape, the right size, some nice packaging, the added extras, what theme you want and what it is that you want! Either way the most important thing is that the lingerie works for both of you and that you can both get enjoyment out of it!


Published by Charlesa Gibson