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"There are things that even if having the best of intentions in making someone feel good, you should not alter."

A couple of months ago I was glancing  at a picture that showed a girl model wearing some extra pounds, the title was astonishing 'Fat and beautiful' remarking how confident a woman can be by just being  herself in her own bones and skin.

I have never had a problem with someone being fat or thin, nevertheless I have my very own opinion on this matter that I think it has a point.

There are many reasons why a person becomes fat; because of bad feeding habits ,  the lifestyle, or the suffering of thyroid disease that affects their metabolism. Being careful of what we get into our mouths, can become a problem when the fridge is full of delicious food or when the money is not an issue, choosing not to eat extra is simply an odyssey.

When I go outside and walk the city, I can not help but see people walking around with difficulty because of their obesity. And not only it  makes it  difficult for them to get around  in the city, but for people around them, like when a fat person is occupying 2 seats on the subway it is not fair for the one that is standing up from  12th of October Station all the way to Albrook Station.

As the example of the subway, there are many other situations in which I only can think, how irresponsible!. I think it is very irresponsible for a person to be over weighted, except for those suffering of thyroid disease, when knowing that being fat does not bring anything good but complications to him/herself and to others.

When I mentioned the case of the fat girl model, I did it because I personally don't support that type of campaigns. People usually relates being a model with feeding disorders, but when you put it on the balance, obesity is as much a disease as  it is anorexia and bulimia. But I am not talking for those models getting their weight   under any of the feeding problems mentioned above, I talk for the healthy models, those that take care of what they eat without going crazy about it, and that have a gym membership.

I find very dishonest that the modelling industry is putting on campaigns like these to sale. Also, multiple health campaigns that promote avoiding the obesity are getting defeated by 'Big size models' (how they call them to make it sound less offensive) campaigns, because putting a fat model on the cover of a magazine is sending a wrong message to the masses; that being over-weighted is OK, when is the contrary of that.

There are things that even if having the best of intentions in making someone feel good, you should not alter. Just as when you're a kid and swallowing the pill to get cured , but there's a battle first between you and your mom because of its size, and finally you do it because it is for your own sake, so it should be for the modelling world. Making see big models like the new normal is not for so far, the way to help people feel comfortable in their own body shape. I think modelling should be a profession pursued for those willing to make sacrifices or up for to run the extra mile, literally.


After all, the shoe only fitted Cinderella and not her sisters-in-law, because it belonged to her. Let's not try to make things fit forcibly, and as the shoe modelling should fit only models.

Published by Gregorio Aguilera